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Education Information


      System of Education And Curriculum
Education system weared is Semester System, so that the capable student and have the achievement can finish study during not more 3 year.
Curriculum going into effect [in] SMKN 1 Purwosari non-stoped to be developed to challenge epoch which ever change, in order to can correspond to what required in world work ( Link And Match). Curriculum going into effect in this time compiled by pursuant to curriculum going into effect in the national ( National Curriculum) and provided with by the Local Payload curriculum giving separate facility for Agriculture SMKN Majors 1 Purwosari.

Sarana and Prasarana
From other side building medium learn ( class ) which is balmy enough, Agriculture SMKN Majors 1 Purwosari own laboratory peripheral which complete enough, the laboratory is :
- Farm of Attempt and Seed
- Green House
- Laboratory Klimatologi
- Laboratory of Physics
- Chemical Laboratory
- Laboratory of Chemical Analysis
- Laboratory Agrobisnis

In order to the Agriculture SMKN Majors grad 1 Purwosari own reliable quality, hence the student constructed by titled instructor and Teachers of Agriculture Engineer which with quality and experienced

Program Study
Majors of Agriculture of SMKN 1 Purwosari own one Study Program, that is Program Study of Agronomi/Budidaya Crop

Prospect of Grad Career
All Agriculture SMKN Majors grad student 1 Purwosari can enter various work Field as according to their study Program, for example : Company which deal with agriculture, Agrobisnis, or the agricultural produce processing Industry, governmental property, private sector or as wirausaha.

Program Study of Agronomi
Program Study Agronomi/Budidaya Crop represent the single Program Study/Majors in SMKN 1 Purwosari which in principle study the nature of crop life. In consequence, in this study program is learned by science about agriculture crop ( Whether plantation crop, Horticulture crop, and also crop food)sehingga able to yield high production and with quality.
Curriculum programmed in this study program always developed to support agriculture development in Indonesia. To equip curriculum in this study program, each;every student obliged to go through Industrial Job Practice ( IJP) in various good company own private sector and also governmental.

Smk N 1 Purwosari open registration of new student teaching year 2005/2006.

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At School We are there are some activity among other things : Activity Intrakurikuler and Extracurricular. as complete as..
Vision dan Mision
Human Resource
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