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      At third millenium, growth of world marked by Globalization, that is ' one of it' world of effect of inexistence again the geographical partition and teritorial which membatasihubungan usher individual in all the world. Growth like that undoubtedly domination of science and technological, the core important Information Technology.for that needed stock of education and skilled answering the demand and the attitude which are positive, or in any case as according to International standard for the rising generation Indoneia.
In the meantime, hence SMKN 1 Purwosari perform Majors of Elektro with Program of Study of Technique Informatika . Where student expected to [by] get of best of, improve;repairing and hardware merekayasa ( Hardaware) And software ( Software).

Prasarana Medium
Utilize to support all activity learn to teach at this study program,assorted of laboratory have been made available, that is laboratory :
- Maintenance and Repair
- Digital
- Nertworking (LAN & INTRANET)
- Multimedia
- Mechanic Elektro
- Computer

Curriculum Program Study of Technique Informatika
Program Study of Technique of Informatika carry out program of education in trihedron of the following Membership

: mr

1.Area of Membership of Maintenance And Repair ( MR).
Subject in this concentration bring student to Hardware domination ( Hardware), treatment, and overcome Trouble that happened computer.
This matter will give opportunity to student for Wirausaha in the field of MR computer after passing.

2. Area of Network Membership
Through this Concentration is expected by a student get of best of and develop system of Computer network ( LAN, WAN, INTRANET) and also arrange a Computer network.

3.Area Membership of Multimedia
Through this concentration is expected by a student get of best of, using various application base on Graph, Video And Audio and make as stock of have career in the field of Graphical Multimedia or Desain. multimedia

Smk N 1 Purwosari open registration of new studentteaching year 2005/2006.

*to clearer contact Smk N 1 Purwosari

At School We are there are some activity among other things : Activity Intrakurikuler and Extracurricular. as complete as...
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