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Magazine of School wall.
Education Information

School Facility

       To more give motivation to all student and learn in course of learning to teach, and to grow their krativitas, hence various facility have been made available which directly and also indirectly support school activity in order to educating student to become reliable Human Resource

Building Learn Which Representif
         Building which luxury enough and pertained complete, with class space, Administration office, space await, and also the beautiful garden, giving facility which balmy enough for the activity learn. location of strategic School and easy to reached with service of public transportation.

language laboratory
         Language Laboratory represent facility owned by SMKN 1 Purwosari, what is founded special to support Ianguage education, good of Indonesian and also English, for all student. Guided by professional teacher, through this laboratory have been conducted by a English training in order to student capable to compete in world work at this third millenium.

         good Library space with book equipment so that make all student feel balmy and forbear staying exploit time in library.

Computer Laboratory
         laboratory of Computer of SMKN 1 Purwosari own a number of computer to fulfill requirement of education will and the technological development of computer. hardwarely which is all the nya of have type of pentium,siswa can develop various progam of other application.

Playing field


SMK of Country 1 Purwosari prepare some playing field to facilitate activity of student sport - schoolgirl of SMK N 1 Purwosari among other things : field of basket,voli and foot ball field.With existence of this playing field all student expected can execute activity of sport in an optimal fashion.


         To facilitate spiritial activity student - schoolgirl and also teacher of instructor in SMK N 1 Purwosari,School have develop;builded a mosque which wide enough and adequate enough to fulfill requirement of this spiritial.Mosque just now have been develop;builded about month;moon of September 2004.

         ESH ( Effort School Health ) Guarantee of Health passing to student by way of providing facility of UKS which served by Worker ESH, opening free service for medication standart.

          In SMKN 1 Purwosari made available a canteen with various type of food and beverage at the price of which cheap relative. The available of canteen make all student feel balmy. This matter is expected can improve their performance, because all student needn't leave school just to fulfill requirement eat.

         To easily get various everyday equipments that is needed,is hence formed by co-operation. With existence of co-operation each;every student can feel benefit, specially in levying of requirement of student which is in the form of equipments of education at the price of which relative lower. At one blow as as place to learn hero of private sector to all member.

Agriculture Farm

         Agriculture SMK Country Farm 1 Purwosari own wide about . The available of this agriculture farm facilitate process learn to teach specially for student - schoolgirl with this membership Agronomi.Agriculture program is cultivated by various fruit crop type - buahan, vegetable and also crop the other as existing the student job - schoolgirl SMK Country 1 Purwosari in have cultivation.

Workshop Otomotive

Workshop Otomotif is one of facility owned by this SMK N 1 Purwosari.Workshop represent place praktik las,reparasi machine otomotif,reparsi body car [of] and also making jok car.With all sophisticated equipments in this workshop facilitate student to execute school activity


Smk N 1 Purwosari open registration of new student teaching year 2005/2006.
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Body Otomotive


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