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Welcome at our school.
       SMKN 1 Purwosari represent SMK of third Country in Regency of Pasuruan which have the age to relative still be young, standing in the year 2000. only 15 Km from Unlucky downtown, roadside connecting Worse luck and Pasuruan, and be at one Location which broadness of about 18560 metre persegi.   Detail >>
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Majors at our school
Teknique Informatika
Body Otomotive



SMKN 1 Purwosari  perform Majors of Elektro with Program of Study of Technique Informatika .

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Info as complete as.....

Majors of Machine of SMKN 1 Purwosari own one Study Program, that is Program Study of Body Interior.

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Majors of Agriculture of SMKN 1 Purwosari own one Study Program, that is Program Study of Agronomi.

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       To more give motivation to all student and learn in course of learning to teach, and to grow their creativity, hence various facility have been made available which directly and also indirectly support school activity in order to educating student to become reliable Human resource. Detail

Activity of exist in School
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OSIS is means and medium of development of x'self of student of up at extension of knowledge and improvement of geniousness and also integrity of personality to reach target of school education. Detail>>.


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