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Education Information


Representing SMK of Technological Group and the Information owning 3 membership area, among other things :

  1. Majors of Technique of Inforamtika with Program of Study of Multimedia and Technical Support.
  2. Majors of Body Otomotive with Program of Study of Body Interior .
  3. Majors of Agriculture with Program of Building Crop.

Profile alumna SMK Country Ability 1 Purwosari :

  1. profile of Ability of alumna Program Study of Technique Informatika.
    1. Able to work repair and the computer treatment .
    2. Able to develop;build Network .
    3. Able to design of animation and Website.
    4. Able to house installation.
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  1. profile of Ability of alumna Program Study of Body Otomotive.
    1. Doing work Las.
    2. Repair of Machine of otomotive treatment and.
    3. making Jok car.
    4. Repair Body Public Transportation.
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  2. Profile of Ability Program Agriculture Study.
    1. Expand breeding various type of productive crop.
    2. Conducting crop treatment.
    3. Competent Farm until for planting.
    4. Managing marketing administration result of crop.
    5. Kindness of Various Crop type
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Smk N 1 Purwosari open registration of new student. teaching year 2005/2006.
*to clearer contact Smk N 1 Purwosari.
At School We are there are some activity among other things : Activity Intrakurikuler and Extracurricular. as complete as....

Teknique informatika

Body Otomotive


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