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magazine of school wall
Education Information
      magazine of wall of school is medium and means prepared [by] school to all student to accomodate and present all aspiration and inspiration of student of schoolgirl of SMK of Country 1 good Purwosari in the form of and also article loaded picture [of] value will be artistic. Manager of Mading of School consisted of five element that is : Chief, Daily Manager,Redaktur,Reporter And Ilustrator.Kelima of this element have duty and mechanism of the following job : wall magazine chief with duty :
  1. co-ordinating system work entire/all member.
  2. Drawing up publication mading execution one week once.
B.Manager of dairy,with duty :
  1. Equiping formation of manager.
  2. Division of Duty of entire/all manager.
  3. Executing duty division which have been specified.
  4. Publication Mading school execution of each;every one week once.
C.Redaktur,with duty :
  1. Accomodating and select substance - substance arikel to be presented.
  2. Writing article - article which have been specified.
  3. Editing article to be presented.
D.Reporter,with duty :
  1. Searching news substance for appearance mading which later will be presented one week once.
  2. Holding an interview with figure upon which news of appearance.
E.Ilustrator,with duty :
  1. Giving illustration article to be loaded.
  2. Arrangement of Situation of arikel board.
Mading of School of SMK of Country 1 Purwosari formed since standing it SMK of Country 1 Purwosari in the year 2000.Mading of this School still eksis till in this time, and to date have published proper masterpiece for this dibanggakan.Mading is published once in once a week,masterpiece - student masterpiece - schoolgirl of SMK N 1 Purwosari hit science of knowledge,technological and in around adolescent world.

In this mading there are assorted containing rubric of masterpiece - masterpiece and also article drawing for enjoyed.Among there are Poem Rubric and Draw ( rubric loading result of student masterpiece - schoolgirl SMK Country 1 that good Purwosari in the form of picture and also poem ) , Short story ( rubric loading short story - short story masterpiece of all student and also short story electroplated from or internet magazine , SAKITA ( abbreviation from Greeting Kita,Rubrik where us can deliver greeting to somebody exist in SMK Country 1 that good Purwosari student and also teacher ), English Corner ( containing rubric all information and any which deal with English ) , Gossip ( containing informasi,news and also gossip from man of mark specially enthused adolescent SMK Negei 1 Purwosari ) , Love ( containing tips - tips,advise [of] and also information in around love problem [in] adolescent world in this time which can be used as a reference for the child - youngster), Rubric Newly ( containing information hit any kind of newly in this time).

Smk N 1 Purwosari open registration of new studentteaching year 2005/2006.
to clearer contact Smk N 1 Purwosari.
At School We are there are some activity among other things : Activity Intrakurikuler and Extracurricular. as complete as...

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