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Senin, 13 Juni 2005
OSIS (Organisasi Siswa Intra Sekolah)


     OSIS (Organisasi Intra Sekolah). OSIS is student x'self development medium and means up at improvement kecendiakawanan and knowledge extension and also the personality integrity to reach school education target. As one of component from four student construction band hence target OSIS relied on [by] a Middle and Elementary Education General Director decision Nomor:226/C/0/1992Bab II section 3 article 3 that is:

  1. Improving role and also and initiative all student to take care of and construct school as wiyatamandala.
  2. Grow energy of x'self of student
  3. Setling extra curricular activity.
  4. Improving apresiasi and carrying out of art.
  5. Grow nation and state attitude.
  6. Going on and developing jiwa,spirit and also values of UUD 1945.
  7. Improving corporeal prosperity.
Role of OSIS in school activity, that is :
  1. As basin. OSIS with band of other construction have to each other cooperate and each other support to reaching of student construction.
  2. As motivator. Motivator is incentive causing to born nya of desire and spirit of all student to do and [do/conduct] activity with in reaching tujuan.OSIS will come up as motivator if entire/all peripheral of OSIS able to bring OSIS always can accomodate and fulfill ,is:facing change, owning energy of threat,exploiting of most and change:and opportunity [of] pentiong give satisfaction to member. In Ianguage of manajemen,OSIS have to able to play role and function of intelektual,is improve existence of OSIS either through interbal and also eksternal.
  3. Role having the character of preventif. If intellectual role in meaning internally OSIS can improve and move sember energy which ada,dan by eksernal able to adapt by linkungan.Seperti finish behavioral problem of student digressing etcetera, thereby by preventil OSIS succeed to follow to pacify school from all incoming threat from within and also from outside.
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Vision and Mision
Our school perhaps own Vision and Mission, To clearer You enter at this shares.
Infra Strukture
Smk N 1 Purwosari founded in the year 2000 pursuant to ministrial decree of Education of Republic Of Indonesia National.
Pursuant to Vocational High School group and type in Regency Pasuruan SMK N Region 1 Pur.
Human Resource
To know Human Resource exist in SMK N 1 Purwosari, You are accessible at this shares..
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