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Sejarah SMK N 1 Purwosari
Education Information

"SMK N 1 Purwosari founded in the year 2000 pursuant to decree of Minister of National Education of Republic Of Indonesia of[is date of 20 January 1999 Number 291/0/99, Opening executed of 17 June 2000.
SMKN 1 Purwosari headed by Ir.Dadik Hariyadi
execution of first Education with amount of kelas/lokal as much 8 class which have address Roadway Purwosari, Purwosari."

At first force sum up pupil 227 people. Sum up teacher 28 people, sum up teacher of honorarium 32 people, all inclusive amount of headmaster 1 people. While arranging the effort nya 21 one who is headed by Sdr Yusminanti.

Effort which have been executed by Headmaster:
- Paying land price
- Correcting land
- Building levying
- In order to circle land
- Upgrading education
- Improving medium and prasarana school ( basketball court, Iiberation of land;ground etcetera)
- Improving K3 and relation with society ( BP3, socialize, institution and post, etc.)
- Building of Mushalla
- Rehab School , and others which cannot be mentioned one by one.

Contact Us
Smk N 1 Purwosari open registration of new student teaching year 2005/2006.
to clearer contact Smk N 1 Purwosari.
At School We are there are some activity among other things : Activity Intrakurikuler and Extracurricular as complete as...

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