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Tentang SMK N 1 Purwosari
Education Information

Welcome to SMK N 1 PURWOSARI.

Vocational High School N 1 Purwosari [is] a institute of Vocational middle education which also represent one of center of inwrought vocational training and education in East Java. SMK of Country 1 Purwosari carry out three program of membership that is Body Otomotive, Technique of Infromatikan and Agronomi. In the year teaching 2000/2001 of our lembag become exponent of penyelenggaran program membership of Technique of Informatika representing new program environment of SMK of Country Region of east Java.

As one of institute of pre-eminent training and education region of jawa east, SMK N 1 Purwosari own high komitmen to education of resource of manusiayang with quality and make provision against emulation in era of free market. the komitmen realized by various good stategi in the field of curriculum development, optimalisasi of operational resource, development program partner with corporate world for practice of industrial job and also penggalaan participate society to program bursary of student to have achievement.

As our institute PPPKT also carry out immeasurable program diklat and also the product service orienting industrial requirement and masyarakat.Program training and also the product service include;cover immeasurable industrial area like technique pengelasan, machinery, otomotive, budidaya crop till the agricultural produce technology. Various company and institute have exploited programs diklat and also product service which we offer.

Vocational Education management and also training in SMK N 1 Purwosari also obtain;get support from various institute, for example Indonesian German Intitute ( IGI). Since year 2002 we obtain;get belief to join in it as one of IGI-PARTNER region of East Java below/under Unlucky binaan VEDC. In capacities, SMK Country 1 Purwosari will develop paekt-paket diklat short-range and also more immeasurable long-range for society and industrial.

SMK Country 1 Purwosari precise choice for society, corporate world and industrial for the and construction development of human resource which with quality.

Smk N 1 Purwosari open registration of new student teaching year 2005/2006.
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At School We are there are some activity among other things : Activity Intrakurikuler and Extracurricular. as complete as...

Teknique informatika

Body Otomotive


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